Our People
Syd DeGregory
Vice President Operations

As Vice President of Operations, Syd DeGregory oversees the day to day operations of the Bradford Group.  She brings to her position a unique skill set from management positions for a diverse range of clients  from publishing houses, law firms,  professional photographers  to  entertainment public relations, film distribution and international music and film festivals. 

DeGregory holds a bachelor's degree and a post graduate degree in accounting from Queen’s College, The City University of New York

DeGregory is actively involved in volunteer work for the Rome Chamber Music Festival, a non-profit, annual musical event in Italy, featuring masterworks performed by world-renowned musicians. 

347 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1205, New York, NY 10016, USA, Ph: (212) 447 0027 Fx: (212) 725 8253

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